Bitcoin Address

A Bitcoin address is a unique identifier that allows you to receive Bitcoins. It is a sequence of letters and numbers, usually beginning with the letter ‘1’ or ‘3’.

Addresses are generated either through a software wallet or Bitcoin client, or they can be created manually. When you want to receive Bitcoins, you need to provide your Bitcoin address to the person sending them to you. They will then use their Bitcoin wallet to send the Bitcoins to your address.

Addresses can be shared with others and used to receive payments. For example, when bitcoins are sent to an address, the owner will receive them.

Bitcoin addresses are also used as public keys in digital signatures. This allows someone to verify that the address owner signed the message.Your Bitcoin address will also be used when you want to send Bitcoins to someone else.

All you need is their Bitcoin address, and you can send them as many Bitcoins as you like.